You guessed it… Aries


James Van Praagh recently encouraged his readers to build their psychic skills by guessing people’s zodiac signs after you meet them. He discusses here how he correctly guessed that his dentist was Aquarius. Fun game, right?

I also was up late listening to Hay House Radio last night: the Archetypes show with Caroline Myss. I was really floored to hear that when someone confrontational crosses your path, and when there are harmful effects, it’s never personal. It’s that person’s archetype colliding with your own archetype. I understood this to mean that I should learn from the experience; I need to dig deep into myself to learn what about my own archetype seems to attract a certain type of (aggressive) personality into conflict.


It got me thinking. A recent conflict I had was with someone who displays a lot of Aries qualities. Sure enough, that person is indeed an Aries. (Do I win a prize?) My Libra archetype and that person’s Aries archetype clearly have a lot to learn from each other. (And maybe I can decide not to feel directed angst against that individual.) The fact that I have an Aries moon complicates this further, and tells me I have some past-life aggression issues to work on myself.


Also, I know some very lovely Aries people, so no offense. I think that Mars, the ruler planet, just sometimes brings out an unchecked aggression in some.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the guess-their-sign game! Happy psychic work!

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