I’m not who I thought I was



The Sun slipped through the sky,

hiding in the south like all the other light,

immersed in the depths of…



Yes, Scorpio. The sun is in Scorpio.

It’s December 5th and the Sun is in Scorpio.

Moon is in Taurus.

I get two full Taurus moons in a row,


Look up!

I have to. I look up.

Everything is there, where you don’t expect.

I wasn’t born a Libra. The Sun was in Virgo.

I wasn’t born on the Aries full moon.

It was in Pisces.

My north node is Cancer, not Leo.

I’m not who I thought I was

but the sky makes sense now.

I don’t yet make sense to myself

but it’s so very fun

to finally be a Pisces moon.


* These are my reflections and crises after looking up and seeing the Sun in Scorpio. I realized there is a whole other school of thought in astrology, called Vedic Astrology, Sidereal Astrology, or Fixed Star Astrology. These approaches match the planetary bodies with the zodiac signs they actually align with in the sky. Tropical Astrology (or Tropical Zodiac) follows the equinox, and therefore, does not necessarily align with how planetary bodies match up to zodiac constellations. If you are interested in finding out your new sign in this system, try the Chart Calculator at Galactic Center.

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