Beyond Facebook

fall sky

I feel better than I have in many weeks

because I left Facebook

I feel more free than I have in years

because I left Facebook.

Maybe we’d hear more

if we all left Facebook.

Maybe … God forbid… we’d all feel more

if we listened to each other, and not Facebook.


if we looked each other in the eye,

smelled the stench, the sour curdling,

when we met face to face instead of on Facebook.

I was told it was the only way,

that it was the Facebook way or the highway,

and I chose the highway.

I chose to interact with humans,

to leave the Facebook world for something more.

And maybe there is nothing more.

Maybe this is all we have,

the bickering over Facebook privacy.

But I think I’m right.

I think that if we let ourselves feel for just one minute

to know each other in the flesh

that there’s more to life

than likes and shares.

There are real tears and real joys.

And a photo just doesn’t cut it.

Don’t out me. Don’t shame me.

Just imagine you’re human for a minute.

Imagine you feel for a minute,

that you’re more than a spineless jerk.

Imagine a girl whose parents

refuse to attend her wedding;

Imagine a girl who will be fired

for being openly pagan.

She’s not afraid. She’s just tired of the fight.

Imagine you have a heart.

Just imagine…

life beyond Facebook.




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