The Dance of the Human

Maybe it’s what humans could be. Or maybe it’s what they once where. Who knows? I know that when I watch this, when I need a dose of joy, I see humans at their best. I see humans using dance as worship, as rejoicing, as beauty, as love. Before there was bickering about politics, religion, race, class, and gender, there was nature and there was dance.

We danced.

We danced when night and day were equal. We danced when the moon was full. We danced when we mated, when we mourned, when the gods couldn’t stand the sight of us any longer and when they loved us.

We danced.

We moved to a rhythm that predated language. We created beauty with our bodies. We didn’t care how it looked, and we didn’t care if anyone saw us. It was simply part of being human.

We danced. We danced the dance of the human. And it was amazing. (Let’s do more of it.)


2 thoughts on “The Dance of the Human

  1. What a simply extraordinary and uplifting video, life should be full of wonderment and I watched that video in a state of complete wonderment and admiration, very big thank you for sharing this video with your soulful words too, sincere regards, Barry


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