Libra, Aries, and where that leaves me

libra aries

Full disclosure here: I’m a Libra sun sign, Libra ascending, and Aries moon.

I knew the moon would be in Libra today. I knew the sun was in Virgo (and I’m married to a Virgo). But spazzing out today emotionally was not something I was prepared for. (Juggling home life/raising kids while nurturing my own interests probably has something to do with it as well.) It makes sense, that my Aries moon is kind of nutso when the moon is in Libra (even with the other Libra signs in my natal chart). Aries and Libra are opposing signs, and the powerful fire of Aries often overpowers any calm of the Libra.

But I have found very few people who I can talk to about this, people who take me seriously while also connecting with me on an intellectual level. Just today, Jessa Crispin wrote in The Tarot Card Reader:

I was still terrified to come out as a tarot reader. If you want to lose respect in the intellectual realm, start banging on about Mercury retrogrades or someone’s aura.

I don’t use my legal name here, for obvious reasons. I don’t talk about tarot, astrology, or runes when I first meet someone. It leaves me in a compartmentalized life, where I am an intellectual in some circles, a pagan in others. A friend who shares these traits once said, “But where are my people?” She introduced me to the teacher Christopher Penczak, and I will be forever grateful. Reading Starhawk’s The Earth Path, and now looking more into the work of Rudolf Steiner, I am finding intellectual pagan writings. I still long for the community though, the gathering of minds to share knowledge. (And there’s the Libra coming out!) 

Maybe in my lifetime, I’ll find it: the intellectual, pagan community where I feel completely at home. For now, my life remains as compartmentalized as my natal chart. Aries battles Libra; spirit battles intellect; the kids battle each other.

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