Solstice Prayer



May we journey further into ourselves;

May we travel in safety;

May the journey be toward love.



May our footsteps be grounded;

May we find primordial mystery;

May we shape creation sustainably.


May we love each other better;

May we honor the past and respect the present;

May we raise a generation of healers.


May we honor the mystery of darkness;

May we see beauty in what we do not understand;

May we be as connected as streams to the ocean.

gebo wunjo

May the summer offer abundance, gifts, and joy;

May the day erase all shadows;

May the season be the stuff of dreams.

tiwaz thurisaz

May we justly examine our actions;

May we show mercy;

May we restore balance.


May we soar in wisdom;

May we be a force of reason among chaos;

May only love flow out of us.

fehu ehwaz

May we have prosperity;

May there be enough blessings for all;

May our success be shared.

elhaz mannaz Eihwaz

May we find our place in nature;

May we find our place in the cosmos;

May we be the spiritual beings we are.

hagalaz naudiz isa

May we seek out those in need;

May we find inner stillness;

May we be transformed.

kenaz sowilo dagaz

May the season light the flames of passion;

May we loveĀ life in the longest day;

May we be surrounded with inspiration and hope.

ingwaz jera

May the wheel turn as we join in joy;

May the earth be fruitful for all;

May we pause for a moment of balance.


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